Getting Help for Our Children

Posted by Phil Cardenas on May 06, 2013

by Janet Singer   I follow a lot of blogs written by OCD sufferers. I find them interesting and educational, and they often provide me with a firsthand glimpse into the world of someone who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. As a parent of an OCD sufferer, I am particularly drawn to posts that deal with family matters. These blogs are written by adults of all ages, and many of them acknowledge having had OCD since they were children. They wonder, sometimes bitterly, why their parents didn’t seek out help once they realized something was wrong. Even if they
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OCD and Thankfulness

Posted by Phil Cardenas on Dec 01, 2012

by Janet Singer   Moving beyond obsessive-compulsive disorder Here we are, in the midst of another holiday season, and it’s at this time that I usually find myself taking stock of the year that has almost passed; there is always so much to reflect upon and be thankful for. Most recently, I am thankful that my husband and I were able to host a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at our home, and even more thankful that our son Dan wasn’t there. Yes, you read it right. I am thankful that Dan was not with us for Thanksgiving.
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Teens and OCD

Posted by Phil Cardenas on Oct 01, 2012

by Janet Singer   “Normal” teen behavior might be anything but I think we can all agree that once a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder is made, it is important to get the right help as soon as possible. A therapist who specializes in treating the disorder using Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy is the way to go. The path to follow is clear. But what is not always clear is whether or not you or a loved one even has OCD. In particular, if you are the parent of a teenager, it may be hard to distinguish &ldquo
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OCD Therapy

Posted by Phil Cardenas on Mar 03, 2012

by Janet Singer   Recovery Apathy At the age of nineteen, my son Dan spent nine weeks of his summer at a world-renowned residential treatment program for those suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. We didn’t force him to go; in fact it was just the opposite. He couldn’t wait to get there as he was determined to free himself of OCD, which at the time was severe. Exposure Response Prevention Therapy It all made sense to me. My son had a debilitating illness that was fortunately treatable. So off he went to get treatment. That was
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Fighting OCD - No More Secrets

Posted by Phil Cardenas on Oct 03, 2011

by Janet Singer    No More Secrets With the help of the Internet, my son Dan diagnosed himself with OCD at the age of seventeen. He had known something was wrong for at least a few years, but never told anyone. Wanting to get help before he left for college that coming fall, Dan mustered the courage to tell me his secret. We were in the car when he anxiously announced he had something really important to tell me. But he just couldn’t seem to get the words out. “Just say it, Dan. You’ll
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