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Volunteers and Partners

Beyond OCD and ADAA

Effective April 1, 2016, Beyond OCD will join forces with and transfer its educational and financial resources to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). We are proud to pass the torch we've carried for OCD to this exceptional organization, and we're confident ADAA will continue and further our mission with compassion and professionalism.

Why Team Up?

Our goal has always been to educate and support people with OCD, their family members, and their treatment professionals. OCD is a complicated disorder that often co-exists with other anxiety disorders and/or major depression. Since ADAA already takes a comprehensive approach to all anxiety disorders and depression, we believe it's in the ideal position to carry on our work on behalf of the OCD community. The organization's strengths include:

  • Expertise that encompasses all anxiety disorders--not just OCD--and depression
  • Deeper resources in terms of staffing and funding
  • Long history and commitment to educating treatment professionals
  • Worldwide reputation
  • Leaders who are dedicated to the OCD community.

"ADAA has always been a great partner to us, and it's in the best position to take our work to a greater scale," said Susan Richman, Beyond OCD co-founder and board member. "Rather than us trying to expand our reach to address other anxiety orders and depression, we recognize that's already the mission of ADAA. The value Beyond OCD brings to ADAA is a wealth of consumer-oriented knowledge and materials specifically related to OCD."

Transferring Resources

ADAA will assume responsibility for maintaining and updating the Beyond OCD and OCD Education Station websites and distributing our OCD guides and other publications. The organization will also offer new consumer-oriented activities such as webinars. Beyond OCD will also contribute cash assets to ADAA, which will be used for a variety of OCD-related programs.

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