Beyond OCD interacts with people every day who are trying to live with OCD or want to learn how to improve their lives as they battle OCD.  We also support family members who are deeply affected by this heartbreaking disorder.

Most people contact us when they’ve given up on traditional medical sources, have exhausted their own research or friends networks and are out of ideas about how to cope with their own OCD or that of a loved one. We also provide resources for mental health professionals, educators and clergy.

Read what a difference Beyond OCD has made for these people who took the time to tell us:

"I will never forget how much you helped me (us) when we didn’t know where to turn."
"Thank you, Beyond OCD, for giving me hope again."
"We live in South Carolina and the Beyond OCD web site has - by far - been the most helpful to us."
"My 11-year-old daughter was diagnosed with OCD about 16 months ago. Your resource materials were invaluable in helping me find the right resources and therapists – so thank you!"
"I really have to thank you guys for what you are doing for people with OCD out there. All that information and articles gave me great relief. I found everything I needed to know. Now I am fully capable of coping with OCD. Again thank you a lot!"
"Thanks so much for talking with me on the phone. The advice and information you provided to me is very helpful. I didn’t know where to find help or start with treatment a few days ago. However, after I talked with you, I feel more hope and get a more clear picture on how to fight this. Again thanks so much for your guidance and kind help!
"My son just finished treatment...he’s doing great and again thank you for all your support in helping me help my son. I will always be grateful for your kind words and understanding in my time of confusion. You gave me support and guidance."
"I am a school counselor with a 5th grader that has been diagnosed with OCD. I am really happy with the support and resources you offer. It makes my job so much easier."
"Thank you so much for your publications. These are very useful for patients and families and I appreciate your providing this valuable resource. Thank you again for your outstanding work."
"Your web site has been the most comprehensive that I have yet found."
"I would like to thank you personally for all your help every time I have called. Be assured your compassionate manner and readiness to offer help are very much appreciated. The information you have provided verbally and the materials you have sent for my sister and great-niece have been very helpful."
"I wanted to thank you for mailing me the brochure for teens. It is excellent and my son, who has been diagnosed with OCD, found it very helpful, informative and supportive. You are doing wonderful work and I want you to know how much it is appreciated by families like ours."
"A few years ago, my son was diagnosed with OCD. A child psychiatrist recommended that we read some literature published by Beyond OCD . We found it invaluable. As a matter of fact, we have passed the literature on to others, who have also found it invaluable. Beyond OCD was also extremely helpful in providing guidance in finding a therapist to help my son. This therapist was a wonder, and my son is improving."
"Thank you! I am so grateful for the work you do that helps us get out of the horrors of OCD."
"As a clinical director and a practicing licensed clinical psychologist, my staff of therapists and I greatly appreciate state of the art and up to date brochures on clinical disorders...I have never seen OCD brochures that have been as comprehensive and well-written."
"Thank you for your most informative & relevant booklet. I have much more insight & hope since I read it today."
"This site is brilliant in its elegance. Simply brilliant! My brother was recently diagnosed with an OCD. Whilst he is receiving proper treatment, our family has been offered nil support from the medical community. This is the first encounter we have had with such insight, information, knowledge, and hope. Thank you for this generous offering of a site."
"Thank you so much for your wonderful site. The revelation that our son has OCD was difficult initially, but your web site has provided valuable, reassuring information."
"I want to thank you for the work that you do on behalf of those suffering from OCD and related disorders and the practitioners who work to help them. I've been a professional member for several years now and have so appreciated your newsletters and client educational materials."
"I love the publications you folks are producing and admire all the contributions you are making to the cause. Congratulations!"
"We are grateful that Beyond OCD exists and intend on sharing the resource with our campus community."
"I want to encourage Beyond OCD to keep up the good work. You are helping so many people manage their symptoms and go on to live satisfying and fulfilling lives."
"I will continue to check your site frequently. It has been the most informative site I have seen so far. Tell everyone to keep up the good work because this site is such a blessing to so many people."
"Thanks to your help via phone and your list, I found a very good OCD therapist who is helping me with my recovery from OCD -- the hardest battle I’ve had to face. My doctor told me about Beyond OCD, a real lifesaver for me and my family who’ve been affected by my OCD."
"I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to respond to me and help my family deal with this situation. I am so thankful for your organization and hope that you can continue to help families just like mine for years to come."
"My wife and I could really use a family contract. Your site was the first one to even mention it let alone give an example."
"I would like to say I think your web site and information are Outstanding! A wonderful resource for schools, teachers and parents of children with OCD. Through my research on the web, I found your web site and the information you provide to help parents and teachers is remarkable."
"I’ve been struggling for years with my OCD, and thought I was alone in the crazy thought processes I have until I found this site."
"I would like to compliment your web site for its incredible look and amount of information. I wish you continued success at your mission of education and providing every assistance possible to make sure that sufferers do not languish in the nightmare that is untreated OCD."
"Thank you for all the information on your web site. It has been invaluable to our family."
"I've never been more relieved to read a web site in my life!"
"My husband and I want to say thank you for all of your help with our daughter. After speaking with you, you helped me to see this is not uncommon; it is very treatable & we were able to find a therapist who specializes in what our daughter has. This has been one of the hardest things our family has gone through -- we can't thank you enough for your help & kindness."
"Thank you so very much for helping me with our situation involving our family friend. I received your packet in the mail today. There is A LOT of useful information in there, just like you said."
"I just wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful web site. I am the parent of a 12-year old daughter with OCD and it’s the best web site I’ve found! I emailed asking for some help, and one of your employees called me back promptly and took the time to discuss my concerns with my daughter’s current therapy. Thanks to our conversation, I am pursuing some other alternatives now that hopefully will prove more effective."
"For anyone who has suffered from OCD, Beyond OCD is like a light switch in a very dark room. In addition to its tremendous web site that is full of educational information, the organization offers a number of other resources. One of these resources is the events that it sponsors. I recently attended an event that provided a forum for individuals to share their personal stories of how they have confronted and managed OCD through ERP therapy. As I listened to these personal stories, I was reminded that OCD can affect people in a variety of different ways. Most important, I was encouraged to hear that others have also been able to manage this order through ERP therapy, the "gold standard" treatment for OCD. Because Beyond OCD introduced me to ERP therapy, the organization has truly been a lifeline of recovery for me."
"I've been reading this web site for a couple of months, and must say you guys have saved my life. I have really hard symptoms of pure O and OCD harm that scares me to death on a day to day basis but me finding this web site told me I wasn't alone. It's a long road ahead for me to recover and get over this, but hopefully I'll pull through. Again thank you guys so much."
"I cannot tell you how appreciative I was that I was able to download your booklet in a wink of an eye. I am quite warmed by your willingness to share information."
"Your organization saved our family."

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