Virtual Support Calls (PATIENTS ONLY)

August 4 and August 20 @ 6 pm CST

September 8 and September 24  @ 6 pm CST

October 6 and October 22 @ 6 pm CST

November 17 and November 24 @ 6 pm CST

Dial- in # : 712 775-7013 ID # 630-027-014

These calls will provide people who suffer from OCD, anxiety and related disorders the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from listening to others. We recognize that in many areas of the country there is  limited access to qualified treatment providers. These call will not replace therapy, but will help the caller understand that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is essential to managing symptoms. This support group is also intended to help people with their feelings of isolation and shame, and will make you feel part of a community. Not everyone will be able to speak on these calls. If you have a topic or something you would like to be considered for discussion on the call, please email your suggestion to Dr. Rodney Benson:

or Dr. Shana Doronn: Please include the call date on the body of your subject line so we know which call you will be on.

Virtual Case Consultation (THERAPISTS ONLY)

August 25 @ 6 pm CST

September 29 @ 6 pm CST

Tuesday October 27 @ 6 pm CST

November 30 @ 6 pm CST

December 15 @ 6 pm CST

These calls will provide therapists who treat OCD, anxiety and related disorders the opportunity to discuss cases that would benefit from the counsel of therapists who are experts in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy.  It is also intended for therapists who have little CBT training and are looking for additional help for their patients.

Our goal is to increase the awareness of the benefit and results of CBT to help more and more people. Please join us.


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