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Beyond OCD and ADAA

Questions & Answers

Q:  Does this mean that Beyond OCD will cease to exist?

A:  Yes. While Beyond OCD will cease to exist as an organization, our work will live on through ADAA. The vast amount of information we've developed over the years in the form of websites, guides, and various publications will still be available to consumers worldwide. ADAA is also committed to serving our community in a variety of other ways.

Q:  Why did Beyond OCD make this decision?

A:  OCD is a complicated disorder that often co-exists with other anxiety disorders and/or major depression. Since ADAA already takes a comprehensive approach to all anxiety disorders and depression, we believe it's in the ideal position to carry on our work on behalf of the OCD community.

Q:  How does ADAA benefit from this transfer?

A:  ADAA gains the wealth of consumer-friendly communication resources, including our highly regarded main website; they can now share this information with their global audiences.

Q:  What will happen to the Beyond OCD website?

A:  For at least the next year, ADAA will maintain and update the site as is, under the name of Beyond OCD. At some point, the organization may pull the content over to the ADAA site.

Q:  What will happen to the OCD Education Station website?

A:  Same thing-for the time being, ADAA will maintain and update the current site. In the future, the content may be incorporated into the ADAA site.

Q:  Are Beyond OCD's guides and other publications still available?

A:  Yes, these materials are still available for download on our websites, and ADAA will distribute the printed versions at its various events. ADAA's website also offers a wealth of other mental health information.

Q:  What will happen to the support group Beyond OCD started in the Chicago area?

A:   The support group we sponsor at The Depression and Anxiety Specialty Clinic (first and third Tuesdays of the month) will continue to meet, and ADAA will advertise those sessions. Other support groups listed on our website are not sponsored by Beyond OCD; this change will not affect them.

Q:  Will the Beyond OCD support line go away?

A:  No. Volunteers from Beyond OCD will continue to offer support via phone, and ADAA will provide coordination.

Q:  Does ADAA offer other information about OCD?

A:  Yes. You can explore all of the organization's articles, publications and videos at

Q:  Will ADAA offer new activities for consumers?

A:  Yes! Plans are in the works for four consumer-oriented webinars on OCD topics over the next two years. ADAA also hosts an annual scientific conference for mental health professionals that includes a half-day of sessions for consumers.

Q: Will I now receive emails from ADAA?

A:  You will receive an email from ADAA, asking if you want to join their e-News list.

Q:  How can I learn more about ADAA?

A:  Besides visiting, you can follow the organization via your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


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