Defeating The OCD Monster

By Johnny F. (age 9)

“I learned those frightening threats were nothing but a lie…when the OCD bosses you, start bossing it back!”

There once was a monster that lived inside of me I’d one day come to know this monster as OCD

It would command me to tap or it would come get me at night I tapped every doorway to avoid such a fright

To prove you love God, pray over and over in your head Before OCD came along I just prayed before bed

This monster demanded I hold my spoon steady I could not take a bite until OCD was ready

Sleep on your stomach or be a girl when you wake Now, this was a chance I was not willing to take

I thought I was alone. I thought it would go away It was tiring to obey these strange orders night and day.

Then I got caught; my mom took me aside—Why do you tap? I was brave I did not lie.

Don’t worry my son; what you have is OCD We will take you to the doctor and soon you will be free.

The doctor asked a lot of questions I answered every one He said we’ll start with medicine but your healing is not yet done.

I was sent to a therapist; told her my story too She said to control this you have some work to do.

The medicine will help, now here’s your second attack When the OCD bosses you, start bossing it back!

Although it sounded scary, I gave it a try Soon I learned those frightening threats were nothing but a lie.

Now I’m on my own happy, strong, and free And if OCD dares to come back, I will fight and it will flee!

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