OCD Guides Provide Information You Can Use

This series of OCD Guides was developed to provide comprehensive and encouraging information about OCD. Learn how to improve your life through treatment and become a powerful agent of change in your recovery.

These guides were developed by Beyond OCD of the USA, which is now part of ADAA.

Relief from OCD is for those who have OCD and the people who care about them. It includes detailed information on symptoms, facts and myths, related disorders, and the treatment that can dramatically improve a sufferer’s quality of life.

Download: Relief From OCD – A Guide for People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Lighten Your Load…Lose the OCD! A Guide for College Students addresses the special characteristics of managing OCD on a college campus. Stresses such as being away from home, family and possibly a trusted therapist, adjusting to dormitory life, new relationships, and the pressure of classes and school work present new challenges in how to handle OCD triggers. It explains how to access local treatment and support, understand current accommodations under the law and adapt successful coping strategies in a new environment.

Download: Order Printed Version Lighten Your Load…Lose the OCD! A Guide for College Students

How to Help Your Child is a resource for parents whose child has been diagnosed with OCD, or whose child is exhibiting symptoms that may be OCD.  This guide can help parents understand the illness, cope with a child’s behavior, obtain effective therapy and take a proactive role in treatment.

Download: How to Help Your Child – A Parent’s Guide to OCD

Got OCD? – A Guide for Teens is written for teens who have been diagnosed with OCD, or who have noticed unusual OCD-like behaviors or thoughts that are getting in the way of schoolwork, friendships, extra-curricular activities or family relationships.  It provides practical information about the disorder and treatment, and assures the teen that he or she is not alone. It’s also popular with parents who want to provide information to a teenager in their household who may be suffering with OCD.

Download: Got OCD? – A Guide for Teens

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